Mark 111 Temperature Sensor Routing Alternative

Many installers route the temperature sensor lines across the top of the engine on the passenger side.  I have found it to be a lot cleaner to route these lines down the drivers side of the engine compartment. This routing also reduces the vibration of the oil gauge line that  is often the cause of gauge failure. The photos on this page are of my car, SPF1265 with a 385 series block, but the same can be done on all cars with a few variations.  The only car modification required is to drill a 1" hole through the fire wall on the drivers side, move the lines from their original exit out the passenger side of the fire wall to the new location and add a new grommet to help prevent chafing and to help seal up the hole.

On Later cars, those with the upgraded heater with 3 speed fan, the temperature lines are routed from the factory out the drivers side of the fire wall.  On these cars, instead of routing the lines under the fender as shown on this page, route them down from where they exit the fire wall, to the frame, securing them behind the heat shield and to the frame/brake lines with tie wraps.



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