Mark 111 Starter Solenoid Removal

 The Mark III comes, from the factory, equipped with a starter solenoid mounted on the firewall.  This is needed if you have an early vintage starter with no solenoid. However, most installs are done with modern high-torque starters with an integral solenoid.  With this starter, most installers use the solenoid that comes with the car more as a junction box rather than a functional solenoid.  With the modern style starters, the factory installed solenoid is not required.  This tip shows one way to eliminate the factory installed solenoid and clean up some of the engine compartment wiring.

Photos of the Solenoid Removed

The starting and charging circuit wires are now packaged inside the car to the new terminals.  From these terminals, wires are routed under the carpet and exit the bottom of the foot well where they route to the starter.

The battery cable that originally ran from the solenoid to the starter is no longer required because the cable from the battery is long enough to route directly to the starter.

For terminals I used stainless steel Allen head screws with nuts and washers on either side of the fiberglass.  3/8" x 1.5" for the charging circuit and 1/4" x 1.5" for the starting circuit. I also used rubber caps to protect them from an accidental short.

Engine back in the car




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