Electric Fuel Pump Wiring

It is common to wire an electric fuel pump directly to the ignition switch or to a two way toggle.  The method shown here, has proven to be beneficial for both safety and to help prevent flooding caused from hot under hood temperatures.



!!!!  UPDATE  !!!!

While the wiring shown is absolutely correct, wired in this manner you will see a small current draw on your ammmeter.  The ammeter, as installed by the factory, is only intended to show the condition of the battery and the charging system.  Adding compontents that draw current from the battery side of the ammeter will add a draw that causes the ammeter to move to the plus side.  If this draw is enough, it may give the appearance that the battery is over charging when it is not.  You could change the ammeter out for a volt meter to solve this problem, but if you wish to stay with the ammeter and want it to register as intended, you should draw current from the alternator side of the ammeter, not off the battery as shown here.  Just make sure the wire is of suficent size, given the length of run.  As an example.  Holley suggests 16 gauge for their pump.  This is fine for a short run, but if the wire is going to extend from under the dash to the rear of the car where the fuel pump is mounted, 14 gauge may be a better choice.


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