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Milan Dragway 2007

Under blue skies in the upper 70's, a few of the Motor City gang play


Wayne Avers at the line, ready to turn an 11.66! The second fastest time of the day and the ONLY small block in attendance

Click here for video

Pat Smith shutting down the Chebby's

Click here for video of Pat

Garrett Wickham taking on a vette. This would prove to be another bad showing for the Chebby guys :-(

Craig Aylsworth all alone... Honda "tuner" still back at the tree....

Two Roush prototypes duking it out.  The Falcon has an aluminum 427FE development engine.  J.R. himself was crewing these cars

Dean Beatty's '63-1/2 Galexie w/514 Crate.  In the background is the lonely, black flagged, SPF1396... Benched for going too fast ;=)

Craig Aylsworth, Ken Pettibone, Larry Lublin, Dean Beatty and SPF1265

Wesser (Wes Rozan) between wining 1396 and his 706

"Hey!! Keep it up and I'll post YOU in the GLCC Newsletter :-)))

Rob Armstrong and 1025 with Ron Roberts SS Pipes in "BLACK"

Garrett Wickham, his SPF1244 and Gene Bright.

In the background Rob Armstrong's SPF1025 and Larry Lublins Red Mustang Convert.  Both no shows at the staging lights :-(

L>R Wayne Avers, Pat Smith, Rob Armstrong, Craig Aylsworth, Ken Pettibone

Wayne smiling after his 11.66 run


And the "BLACK FLAG" winner!!! @ 11.4025

**** Ken Pettibone ****

This trophy was made and presented by Ron and Jody Roberts to Craig Aylsworth in 2005.  It is titled;

SCOF Milan Dragway Annual Test and Tune


In remembrance of our friend and fellow hot shoe, it will from now on be known as the




Hope to see more at the next Motor City Shoot-Out, where  Kenny P. will be defending the JODY AWARD!!!!


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