2011 SCOF Winter Convention

Laguna Beach California

The SCOF Hotel

Chester Schwer and Rick Reynolds headed for Catalina Island

Catalina Island far in the distance

What a 30 knot wake looks like - Mike Miller waving in the shadow

Vicki and Machelle front, Judy and Warren back

Entering Laguna Bay - Think that submarine belonged to the Beatles :-)

Wrigley Mansion

Wrigley Mansion Enterance

Laguna Bay

Bill Wells

Wendy, Dana, Nancy and Craig

Debbie, Diane Randy and Scott

RT's golf cart speed service - The bottom up approach

Assisted by the Holley Speed service - The top down approach

Craig & Nancy

Bill Wells

The Chuck Spielman private car collection

Cars And Coffee

Superformance World Headquarters

Bill Wells and his next Superformance??

George Anderson - Riding high

Scott Holley and Bill Wells preparing to light-em-up inside Hillbank

Curt Scott (Cobra Country) speaking on how to photograph cars

Lance trying to figure out what Curt said


Even X-SPF owner, Bill Doolittle, by special invitation, made this years SCOF Convention!

The Gathering in the Stander back yard

Ashton Stander

Our most gracious host, Deborah

Doug and Randy - Photographed as Curt Scott would :-) (you had to be there)

Sue Gary and Bill

Lance cooking for an army!!

Randall with a tall glass of Milk?  ALL the cameras came out for this:-)

Alas.... The party is over, the bags are packed and some need to head back to the frozen North :-(

Thanks to everyone who gathered for this way too short  trip to the California Sunshine!!

Craig and Nancy Aylsworth



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