London Cobra Show

Headed to Columbus - Ron Roberts in the rear view

Ron Roberts better end :-) - Trying to coax kitty out

Hi-Tech FIA

A "true" small block

Friday at the Auto Cross

JJ ready for action!!


Party Central??  NOT!!!

The once hot court yard of Abu Dhabi Palace is no longer

But hot or not... That will not stop the hard core partiers

Mary, Bill, Jamie, Ron, Larry and Jeanine

JJ and Mary

Mike and Bill

Charles, Stevethetounge, Roger and Larry

The ever shy Jim Vander Wal

And Ronnie in the final stretch

The Saturday line-up for London

A great showing by Superformance in downtown London

The MONSTER Superformance show truck

Photos from the roof of the Superformance trailer

2849 looking for an owner

Dynaformance Fuel Injection

Olthoff built with 600HP Roush Supercharged Mod Motor

Guess who

Headed back North behind Ron and Bill

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