Thursday May 1 - Early arrivers check out some of the local scenes

That phone booth size building is home to some of the best BBQ anywhere

Standing room only after 6 SCOF'ers fill all available seats

L>R Diane & Randy Thomas, Dennis Thompson, Jerry Douglas, Bob & Craig Aylsworth

AND... Service with a huge smile!!

Next to the local gun shop

Where Randy finds a new friend


Where the true identity of BAMFSB462 is discovered

Rumbling through downtown Paducah

Then down to the Ohio creek

1288 following 455



Back at the hotel, more and more SCOF'ers arrive

L>R RT, Warren P, Cliff A, Steve K, Jerry R.

The hotel as seen from our grassy parking area

Not sure.....Cliff may be FBI :-)

L>R Amanda Slavens, Pam Fehr, John & Joann Youhas

To the right, Warren Poole in the trunk of his sb alternate :-)

BAMFSB462 arrives

L>R Linda Kump, Jay McArdle, Dan Mroz, Joann Youhas, Pam Fehr, Jim Vander Wal

Trailers lined up...

Dan and Matt - Alcohol induced SCOF post to UFO... RT tries to hide

Nite All......  Pick it up again on Friday (click here) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

More pics from Jim Vander Wal















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