2007 Woodward Dream Cruise

To warm up for the 2007 cruise, Ron Roberts threw, or should I say, Ron convinced his friend Patti, to throw, a party for a few of the local SCOF crew....

Eight SPF's in all, one Noble and one Mustang

One Mustang.   Seems it was too hot for Larry Lublin to drive 1269... Said he "needed" the air conditioning...  After all it was 79 degrees Fahrenheit   .... HONEST... True story!!

But wait... What are those funny thingies on the front of the car?  Those are pull hooks!  Larry brings tow straps when he is going to cruise with his spf buddies.  We pull him so he can keep up!  True story!!

 And a Noble???  Yep the ole Captin, Endre.  Still part of our local SCOF crew.

 Some of the gang

Left to right, Mike Meguire, Rob Armstrong, Ron Roberts, Jerry Meyer, Linda Lublin and who???  OK, the diet starts next week LOL....

 Jimmy Vander Wal's 1855 SLBCM (Small Luminum Block, Can't Move?) FINALLY makes it's appearance after a summer in parts!  Didn't even need a push start :-)

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