SCOF in San Antonio Texas.....

The place where everything is bigger than life!!

February 22, 23,24  2006

Thursday - Our first meeting at Durty Nelley's Irish Pub on the famous San Antonio River walk

Left to Right - Patti Taylor, Terry Brown, Rob Armstrong, Billy Hufnagel, Steve & Jacki Smith, Aileen Doolittle, Sue Osborne, Patty Hufnagel, Greg Powell, Gary Osborne, Lori Armstrong, Nancy Aylsworth

Later that night a cruise on the river

Friday - Off to the Alamo

And then over to the famous Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

And then an evening of more food and "special" entertainment

Lori Armstrong and Jacki Smith with "just" enough liquid refreshment to demonstrate Karaoke :-)

And of course...  Their SCOF friends in the cheering section

Saturday, Gary and Sue took a few of us to near-by Fredericksburg.  A unique German town where, would you believe it???  The Dooman has his own store

The 3 amegos

Gary Osborne, Bill Doolittle, Billy Hufnagel

Back in San Antonio we gathered for a great Mexican meal

And then a last night party at the hotel bar

Greg Powell, Rob Armstrong and Craig caught on his own camera....

Dance didn't seem to need partners

Left to Right, Jacki Smith, Patties Taylor and Hufnagel, Loir Armstrong, Terry Brown and Tammi and Scott Hatcher

And the shots no one can explain



And some closing smiling faces

Steve Smith

Terry Brown, Patti Taylor, Tammi Hatcher and Jacky Smith

Sue Osborne

And one last note.... Jim and Marge Woodard seem to have escaped my camera lens.......Not sure how that happened.... I'll have to make up for it next year....




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