Original Superformance Soft Top

The original Superformance top.  Using only two bows, it had a high profile, earning it the nick name of the "Herman Munster" top.  This top was vinyl and has an irremovable, one piece rear window.  Because there is no ventilation, it is recommended that you do not exceed 50mph with the side windows removed or the wind pressure inside could unsnap the top.  Despite any drawbacks, this top was functional and easy to install quickly


New Low Profile Superformance Top


This new top has a 3 bow system that allows for a lower, sleeker appearance.  In addition, it is made of canvas which gives is a modern day sports car look and the rear window in be unzipped and rolled up to allow flow through ventilation.  This is particularly useful when the side windows are removed as the air will not buffet and limit your speed to 50mph.  This will be great addition for those hot summer days when you want a little shade.

I found this top a little more difficult to install.  This is partially because it has a snugger fit and it also has Velcro tabs to attach it to the Bows so it will not balloon.  I think the advantages will outweigh any disadvantage

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