Power Passenger Lift Seat Project

Thanks to everyone who offered input on this project.

The objective was to modify the passenger seat in my Superformance Cobra in a way to aid my 94 year old fathers entry and exit from the car.  With suggestions from my Superformance friends, I have investigated many power seat alternatives.  The following is the best solution found to date.  The only down side is that this solution leaves the passenger sitting about two inches higher than the original car seat and it is not as comfortable.  There may be another phase to this project where the original car seat bottom is removed and mounted on top of the lift seat.  Stay tuned...

This is a portable, 110v lift seat from Uplift Technologies, Part number UPE-P100.  The seat comes in different sizes, but I found the P100 is a perfect fit for the Cobra.  In addition to the seat, I mounted a power inverter in the car and a welding blanket to protect the passenger from the side pipes.  See the video below.








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