Spinner Removal Tool

The Spinners used with knockoff style wheels on the Cobra were designed to be installed or removed by striking the ears with a lead hammer.  Unfortunately, for various reasons a spinner can become so tight it is very difficult to remove.  The Spinner Removal Tool was designed to aid in the removal of a spinner when a lead hammer is not getting the job done.


This tool can be used alone, in multiples, up to 3 tools on one wheel or you can use it in conjunction with a lead hammer, striking an ear adjacent to the tool.  The method you use will be your choice.  What you need to consider is how tight the spinner is and how much force is going to be required to remove it.  In extreme cases, it is possible to break the ear off a spinner or even break the tool.  It would be in these extreme cases where you would want to use multiple tools or use the tool plus the aid of a lead hammer.


All parts that contact the wheel or spinner are nylon to protect the wheel and spinner finish


                                 Below, shown installed on wheel


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