Side Pipe Spacers

For any Superformance Mark III

To achieve proper side pipe alignment, it may be necessary to to insert a spacer between the exhaust header and the side pipe.  Either a flat spacer or tapered, depending on the fit condition you are trying to correct.

Despite all adjustment provisions in the mounts, a spacer is sometimes the only solution to achieve desired pipe to body clearance and in some cases the spacer needs to be wedge shaped rather than flat. A wedge shape will not only push the pipe out further which alone can help to improve pipe to car clearance, but it can be oriented in any one of  4 positions to improve any particular close condition.  In the photos below, a wedge shaped spacer was used to aim the pipes exiting the car more forward, improving clearance on the passengers side between the pipe and the rear of the opening. This small change netted over 1/2" clearance between the upper rear pipe and the body opening where there was previously no clearance. After all alignment was complete and the driver train secured in position, the passenger side pipe kicked out at the rear a little more than desired.  This was corrected by pulling the pipe in with a heavy duty tie down strap.  After the engine was run through complete warm up and cool down cycle, the pipe and header took a permanent set which left the pipe with proper clearance in the desired position.

A wedge shaped spacer can also come in handy if you wish to drop your engine lower to improve air cleaner to hood clearance


Available in Tapered, 1/2"-1/8" ($74.00) or 1/2" flat ($44.00)

Or any custom variation

Spacers are made upon request so please allow two weeks for delivery






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