Skid Bar

For any Superformance Mark III

Probably the first place an owner will damage the paint or fiberglass on their pride and joy, will be on the bottom side of the oil cooler from hitting a parking curb or on the entry to a driveway that was too steep.  This bar is intended to be the sacrificial sheep.  It is very easily installed using the existing oil cooler screws and if damaged will be very easy to repair or replace.  I am offering these in a brushed finish, but for  those that want show quality under as well as on top of their car, the bar can be polished or painted.

One caution on installing.  On an older car that has been driven in the rain, you may find that the oil cooler screws will not remove easily.  If this is the case, you may want to try to clean off the screw threads in the cooler opening with a tooth brush or similar. If the screw nut/bushing turns with the screw, you may be able to hold the bushing from turning with needle nose pliers.

 You should verify that you can get the screws out before investing in the skid bar.

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