Superformance Floor Jack Cradle

This Cradle was designed specifically to fit on an AC DK13HLQ or Omega 29023 floor jack and to securly lift a Superformance Mark III Cobra.  It may be able to be adapted to other jacks and lift other cars.  The pad is made of 6-6 Nylon.  Strong but will not scratch or damage frame paint.  It measures 2" thick, 5" wide, 4" deep and is machined out in the center to clear both front and rear tie-down rings plus includes a lip front and rear to secure the frame of a Superformance Mark III. The mounting hole and peg are 1" in diameter.  As seen in the photos, this cradel is white, but could be black if prefered


Shown on the AC DK13HLQ floor jack

Sketch of fit to tie-down rings as installed at the factory

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