Installing a Brake, Clutch and Fuel Line Heat Shield

With Engine in Car


                        Before Installation                                               Installed                          

Installing with the engine in the car

From under the car, on the driversí side, feed the shield up into the exhaust header opening. On most cars there is just enough room to slip the shield in place. On some cars it may be necessary to trim the inner fender panel. See the next photo.

Using a dermal tool, or similar tool, trim the inner fender panel if necessary.

  1. With the shield in place, raise it up off the lines about 1/4" and drill a 5/32" hole, through the lower rear leg mounting hole, through the frame. Apply grease or anti-seize to a 10-24 self tapping screw and secure the rear leg at that position. The lubricant is to help the screw cut threads.
  2. Repeat Step 1 for the forward leg. Note this will take a little longer because of the reinforcement plate.
  3. Repeat Step 1 for the upper hole in the rear leg


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